Saturday, 23 August 2008

Tiny Funky Fairies and Elves Challenge 4

I found this challenge blog for the kids, perfect for the summer hols
The challenge for the next fortnight is set by Abigail and Maddie. They want you to make something that has flowers on it.
Here's Jamie's card (age 4)
And big sister Charlotte's (age 7)

They've both been posted to Nanny to say thanks for a lovely weekend last week!


Juliet said...

Great cards Charlotte and Jamie! You're work is lovely.
Juliet xx

Lydia said...

Well done Jamie...and Well done Charlotte!! Two brilliant cards with lovely flowers!! :0)

Thanks for joining in with the Tiny Funky Fairy's and Elves challenge this time xx

*A new one will be up and running later today!!

Jozza said...

Oh they are fab! Love the little ladybird :o)

Thanks for playing with us Jamie and Charlotte xxx

Sue said...

I wish I was Nanny

they are FABULOUS cards xxx

LisaBabe said...

Wow you've got 2 very talented children, Sue.

Well done Jamie & Charlotte


Melissa said...

What smashing cards they are!!!
Charlotte and Jamie your very tallented :)